AAF23 Ghosts

Written By: Kitten - Oct• 19•17

Do you believe in ghosts? I am visited often by my brother chucky. He is known for pulling  things on my head when I’m in the closet. His favorite thing is to disconnect the phone when I’m talking to my other mom. But tonight was weird. I have this little mobile type Knick knack that will move when there is a tea light candle lit under it. Tonight I didn’t have anything lit or near it and it started moving. I didn’t notice at first, but the light reflected off of it. The moment I looked at it, it slowed down and stopped and never moved again.  (29169)

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Family I want to go home

Written By: Kitten - Oct• 17•17

I want to go home. Home where my family is. Home Where my friends are. Home where I can go to cemetairies to visit with my lost family. Except my mama, cause she still isn’t buried yet. Yeah yeah yeah, excuses excuses. I’m sick of hearing excuses. I want mom to be next to daddy. Just like her plans state. I saw the receipt. I know what it says. I don’t want to hear that mom isn’t there and that I can talk to her anytime. The burial has been planned and paid for since I was little. Bury her already. I don’t want to see the person who is in possession of her ashes. So y’all could do the actual burial without me. I want her buried with daddy. 


And I know you still stalk me, I want[......]

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