AAF233 Days and counting….

Written By: Kitten - Jan• 31•13

It’s been20130131-175252.jpg 3 days since I lost my job. And life goes on. I got to thinking about something. I guess it’s kind of a blessing to have been let go on the first day. My friends that are still there go in every day not knowing if they will be let go or not. Two more have been let go, bringing the total so far to 5. Three of us have been there since day 1. From what I am hearing, things are not going well there. Customers are not happy with the change of staff and not knowing what happened. I am putting applications in at every place that I might be qualified for. Fast food, retail, anything and everything. Not to good for anything. Well, as  for mouses ear,  it burnt down, so that’s off the list. Could go to hooters, but too much junk in the trunk here. Maybe after a tummy tuck. And a boob lift. Trying to find something here in town, but if I can’t, I will go to other towns and cities and try there.

I don’t know what I would have done without my friends and family this week. It has been a very trying and stressful time. But with the love and friendship shown to me, will make me strong enough to get they this. (3107)

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