AAF234 days and counting…

Written By: Kitten - Apr• 18•13

Tomorrow20130430-120230.jpg I go for my preop appointment. Getting all the blood work and questions out of the way. I’m going in for surgery on Tuesday. The disc between c5 and c6 is bulging with a bone spur and is putting pressure on the nerve. Resulting in pain, numbness and loss of strength in my right arm. Squeezing a shampoo bottle is almost impossible. It causes intense headaches. The kind where I don’t even want to get out of bed.

I just had surgery 8 months ago, and here I am facing it again. I’m nervous, but Im not scared. Why? Because Jeff is coming in to take care of me. Meghan and Jeff will be here. I didn’t even have to ask. They automatically requested the time off work. I will have to stay overnight at the hospital, but should go home the next day.

I have a great family and friend support and I know how much I am loved. I found out last time I had surgery. And again when I lost my job. Although my friends are scattered around the world, they make sure I know how they feel, so in return I make sure they know how I feel. Whether its just a hey how you doing, or calling the, by a child hood nick name. That’s one of the lucky things about a small school. It could be 25 years since we’ve seen each other, but we get together and its like no time has past. (3155)

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