AAF23I wish they knew

Written By: Kitten - Jul• 11•12

For a long time, I have had some issues going on with me. I didn’t tell anyone. But in the last few months it seems to have gotten worse. I’m talking about my hearing. I can hear people talking, but I can’t understand what they are saying. It’s embarrassing having to ask people to repeat themselves. So, I finally went to get my hearing checked. The doctor discovered that everything is normal and there is no medical reason for my problems. He said if I was a teenager, he would talk to me Bout listening. Basically, he was telling me it’s all in my head. That has been pretty much the response I have gotten from everyone. Selective hearing is what I keep hearing. But, I don’t feel it is. If it was, I would certainly select to be able to hear the people I am talking to. Instead of embarrassing myself by having to ask them to repeat it or cupping my ear so I can hear them better. It’s kinda like having an injury or illness that isn’t visible. Therefore people don’t believe there is anything going on. But there is. And no. I am not a hypochondriac. I don’t fake illnesses or injuries to get sympathy. I know people do. I do have a lot of things going on with me. I try not to talk to much about them, for that reason. I just wish people would believe me. (2828)

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