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Written By: Kitten - Apr• 27•13

How20130430-120940.jpg do you know if someone is a true friend/family? Here are a few signs that someone is being true and really loves you. Whether they are friends or family.

  1. No matter if you are a few miles or a hundred miles apart. They listen to you whine and complain. They don’t roll their eyes and wish you wold just shut up. They are there to listen. And even if they can’t be there physically, they are there emotionally. They comfort you with their words. they laugh when you need a laugh. They join in to hate the one you are mad at. They reassure you, tha you are not alone. They know when you need a comforting word. If you want to brag on your children or yourself, they don’t say “not again” they celebrate with you.
  2. When you ask a TMI question, they don’t say eww, I don’t want to talk about that. They share their experience. They help you thru your own experience, by sharing theirs.
  3. When you have to go to the hospital, they don’t question helping you. They automatically do. And even if they live far away, they let you know that if there is anything they can do, just ask. they leave you words of encouragement on fb. They send you emails and texts to let you know they are thinking of you.
  4. They step up and help get your kids where they need to go, without you even having to ask.


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