SBXAnother work rant….

Written By: Kitten - Dec• 04•12

Ok, there’s20121204-181146.jpg this guy that comes into work. He can’t stand me. Why can he not stand me? Because I won’t give him anything free. He always wears a religious short and hat and basically tells us that we are going to hell because we wont give him anything free. Just the other day he came in and I was working counter. He went to the end of the counter and asked my coworker when did I get off. My co worker said he didn’t know and that he thought I was there all day (which i was) the guy then mumbled something and left. Today he came in and i asked a coworker to wait on him. I stayed away, but then my coworker had to answer drive thru, so I had to go to wait on this guy. He then asks “you out of such and such” I said yes, until at least Thursday when our truck comes. Again he mumbles something and walks away. I go to help drive thru, and the guy comes and asks the coworker the exact same question and she gives him the exact same answer! So then afterwards, I asked my coworker what the guy said. She told me that he said that the girl that usually waits on him gives him 60 such and such instead of 50. She said she couldn’t do that because she wasn’t going to risk her job. It was at this point I took over and he left.

This is the kinda person that gives Christians a bad name. I so wish I could get away with telling him off, but I value my job too much. (16846)

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