AAF23Bucket List

Written By: Jeff - Apr• 14•15

Since Kittens been putting hers up I guess I’ll put mine.

Complete Kitten’s bucket list

Take the boat ride on the Lost Sea in Tennessee

Walk amongest the trees in Redwood National Park in California

See the Grand Canyon in Arizona

See the buffalo in Yellowstone National Park In Wyoming

See Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota

See the Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota

Watch the lava at Hawaii Volcanos National ParK

See the ancient Anasazi city in Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado

Visit the Aztec city Xochicalco in Mexico

Visit the Mayan city Machu Picchu in Peru

Watch the lava at the Rift Volcano in Iceland

Visit St Clears, Carmarthensmaire . Wales the town of my families ancestry.

See Big Ben and walk across London Bridge

Ride the train from London to Paris thru the Chunnel

See the Statue of Liberty and Eiffel Tower in Paris

Visit the Anne Frank house in the Netherlands

Visit Aushwitz in Poland

See the Colosseum and go to Sunday mass at St. Peter’s square in Rome

Visit the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Visit the Kremlin in Moscow

Walk on the Great Wall in China

See Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

See Ayers Rock in Australia

See Angkor Wat in Cambodia (893)

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