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Wow, did I just write 2016? Where did 2015 go? Some people write a big long list of New Years resolutions. Get in shape, get. New job, yoda yada yada. I’m just writing 2. Since starting our new jobs with this schedule, Meghan and I have stopped going to the gym. But since Pee wee season is 5 months away, we don’t have anything in the weekends, we’re going to try to go at least one of the weekend days. Also, I’m determined to remember birthdays this year. I’m horrible at it, but Im going to try.[......]

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AAF23My mind won’t shut off

I swear, I am so sleepy…until I get in bed. As soon as my head hits the pillow, I’m instantly wide awake. Awake with the most random thoughts.

  • Why can’t I forgive my sister and call my mom when I want to?
  • Why did mom decide to believe everything she told her, and brushed off my protests?
  • i feel guilty for not calling her, when there are those that would love to be able to call their moms. 
  • What’s going to happen when mom isn’t around?
  • The family is already splintered
  • My life woul[......]

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