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FamilyWritingsStill a child on the inside

When someone has to face the fact that their parents are not immortal, it tears at your very soul

Its like they’re the piece of you that makes your life whole.

The immense pain you feel as you try to accept the truth.

Knowing that the time will come all too soon.

You can’t breathe. You can’t sleep.

The pain digs down thru your heart so deep

You can’t think, your minds a blur.

You can’t see through the pain and hurt.

People Say her time is done.

They say its time for he[......]

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FamilyChristmas 2015

My mood has matched the weather outside today. It saddens me to no end, that I can’t call the woman I call mama. All because she who must not be named is there. I’ve tried to forgive and forget. I’ve tried to swallow my pride and forget about everything she has done, but I have found that to be impossible. Dont get me wrong, I have a great relationship with everyone else in my family. They know I love them and I know they love me. I have the man of my dreams. Together we have 4 great kids. But t[......]

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