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SBXWritingsFast food rant #387582

Another fast food rant:20140525-154704-56824212.jpg

-if you don’t know what you want, stand back and let others order, instead of holding up the line. Decide before you get in line. Don’t stand there yakking and wait to decide when you get to the register.

-if you don’t know what you want, come inside. Don’t hold up the drive thru Lane trying to decide. It’s called a drive thru. Not a drive, sit for ten minutes and then order.

-if you order everything fresh, don’t get pissy cause you have to wait on us to cook it.


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SBXWritingsGettin on da soap box again

Up on my soap box. 20140509-001402.jpgMaybe it was the busy day I had or maybe it was the heat, but several things today have irritated me.

1- ok, I know the 300 girls kidnapped from whatever country and being held in whatever country is terrible. But what about the thousands of boys and girls that are missing from the United States? What about the women who are forced into prostitution by pimps? Where’s the band wagon for them?

2-people on Facebook- “I will be deleting the next person who sends me a game reques[......]

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