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FamilyWritingsStill a child on the inside

When someone has to face the fact that their parents are not immortal, it tears at your very soul

Its like they’re the piece of you that makes your life whole.

The immense pain you feel as you try to accept the truth.

Knowing that the time will come all too soon.

You can’t breathe. You can’t sleep.

The pain digs down thru your heart so deep

You can’t think, your minds a blur.

You can’t see through the pain and hurt.

People Say her time is done.

They say its time for he[......]

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WritingsDestructive coaching vs constructive coaching

The destructive coach yells and screams at their kids

The constructive coach is able to get their point across with their words not screaming

The destructive coach threatens their kids with punishment for not performing

The constructive coach makes sure the kids know the comsequences of not following the rules. 

The destructive coach has favorites.

The constructive coach  loves all their kids equally

The destructive coach focuses on the strong kids and ignores the weakest


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