Written By: Kitten - Jul• 19•12

Changes20130213-235908.jpg used to scare me. I did everything I could do to avoid change. For the 20+ years after graduation, my life didnt change that much. Except for marriage, 2 kids and moving to another state, I kept my life pretty much the same. I didnt realize how boring and monotonous it was. But as I think over the last 2 years, I am amazed at the change. Both in me personally and my life. I became separated in April 2011, moved into my own tiny hole in the wall apartment. I reconected with my high school sweetheart Jeff. I have lost over 30 lbs and have such self esteem, I cant even remember feeling this good. And the latest change was accepting a promotion at work. I was scared that I would fail and disspoint my store manager. So every time she offered it to me, I would say no. Finally, she offered again and demanded a good reason on why I couldnt accept the promtion. Every excuse I had, she countered with. Til I finally had no more excuses and accepted.

When people ask how I was in high school, I describe myself at a wall flower to everyone not associated with the band. When I was around my close friends, I am pretty much like I am now. But I tried not to be noticed by others. Now, I dont care about being noticed. If people dont like me, they can look away. I love my life. My friend told me a saying today and it really fits me.

To all my haters, If you think I’ve pissed you off before. Just wait a while. I got some fabulous things planned in my life that’s really gonna piss you off!! (4398)

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