AAF23SBXWritingsConstructive coaching vs Destructive coaching

Written By: Kitten - Mar• 01•14

What is20140420-011940.jpg the difference between constructive coaching and destructive coaching. Let’s look at two responses to the same situation.

During a basketball game, Lisa tries to rebound the ball when the other team misses a shot. She doesn’t jump and slaps at the ball. Mary does not remain in her position.

Response 1- coach screams at Lisa and tells her if she doesn’t start jumping for the rebound and stop slapping at the ball, she will be sitting on the bench for the rest of the game. Coach then berates the player to the point of tears. Coach also screams the same at Mary to remain in her spot unless the ball is near her and if she cant, she can sit the bench too.

Response 2-coach calls a time out and shows mary exactly where she needs to stay and shows her the zone to cover. Coach explains to Lisa how important it is to jump and not to slap at the ball, but try to catch it.

Two different responses to the same situation will result in two different responses from the players. In response 1, the players will probably stub up and get upset. They will the rebel at anything the coach says to do. They will half heartedly finish the game. The other players will get upset at how their friends are being talked to, and will respond the same way. You upset the kids, you upset the parents. Before long, you are having players quit due to your coaching process.

By taking the time to explain things better, the players will be able to listen and process what you are saying. By not embarrassing them, they aren’t going to stub up and refuse to do what you say.

You can’t coach children by trying to tear them down. Younger kids respond with kindness. You bring a player to tears, and they just might give up the sport forever.


  • I can’t believe you are letting yourselves get beat by a bunch of girls
  • How can you act so stupid
  • Quit acting like a baby
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  • Ok, let’s try that again
  • This is exactly what I want you to do.
  • Awesome, that’s exactly how I wanted you to do it.
  • Yes you messed up. Let’s forget about it, and move on. You know what not to do next time.
  • work as a team and help each other
  • Great job and talking to each other
  • Way to hustle.
  • think about what you need to do and where you need to go

I developed this way of thinking after many years of coaching and running a basketball league. I found that children will respond with more favorable results with constructive coaching. I have seen many coaches who seem to cling to the destructive way of coaching. My heart breaks as I see their players faces try to hold back the tears. I want to go to the coach and talk to them, the way they are talking to their players. I’ve seen the players leave the game with tears streaming down their faces. I’ve heard children tell me the reason they quit playing is because of the way the coach talked to them. Coaching children of a younger age is entirely different, than coaching children of the preteen and teenage Years. I myself have confronted coaches of my children. I told them either they calmed their words down, or I would remove  my child from the team.

I have had many former players play for high school, middle school and travel teams. By the time children are at an age to pay for school. They are old enough to be able to handle more aggressive methods of coaching. They don’t need it when they are little.


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