Day 14-1st hospital stay complete

Written By: Kitten - Jun• 19•16

Unknown fever origin. 4 days 5 nights. What a way to spend a week. I get out on fathers day. lovely. I look like a pin cushion. Covered in bruises and scabs. 3 days to recover til I got chemo again, no way in hell am I taking another potassium infusion. I really believe that is what caused my fever. There was no other explanation. They couldn’t find any other cause. All other tests came back fine. All cultures grew nothing. So I’m just going to eat extra potassium rich food to keep it up.

It started out as just another ordinary chemo day, with a potassium infusion. By the time I got home I was chilled to the bone and could not get warm. I took my temp and it was 102.3. According to the paperwork, I needed to call the after hours nurse if it was over 100.4. So I called and the pay wanted me to go to the e/r. By the time I got there it was 103.7. They admitted me and finally got it down after midnight to 98.5. Which for me is still high. Normal for me is 97.0. This happened on Wednesday night/Thursday mornjng. And I was there til Sunday afternoon. With no solid answers. Oh well.  

My mommy is coming in. She should be here in time for chemo this week. That will be nice To spend quality one on one time with her.  (885)

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