AAF23Day 5

Written By: Kitten - Sep• 01•12

Well, I guess things20120902-225711.jpg are getting better. I know now that I can eat roast beef and salads. I can’t eat anything fried, deep fried or grilled. I have been able to eat pizza, but not sure if my stomach will be okay with that. Gonna tryanother time. I can not eat chick fil a chicken or mcdonalds grilled chicken or any type of fried hamburger. Going to try burger kings broiled to see if I can eat that. Been checking a lot online. Need to check the fat content of foods. Switch to low fat or non fat. BUT I know I gotta read labels carefully. There is a reduced fat muffin out there that is only like 5 grams less than the reg, to me that’s not a reduced fat.

Still have some trapped gas in my upper abdomen. Wish that sucker would hurry and break up. The incision site is healing fine. I have to hold pressure on it when I walk, cause gravity pulls on it. I can finally sleep on my side. So much better. I hate sleeping on my back.

It was a real joy having Jeff here during my recovery. I didn’t have to worry about taking care of Davey or having to get him from football. He made sure I didn’t overdue it.

One more week and I can go back to work. Already going crazy. (24261)

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