AAF23Day 6

Written By: Kitten - Sep• 02•12

Day 6 is ending20120903-015304.jpg basically the same as day 5. Not feeling well, but not really hurting. So far I’ve lost 5 lbs since the surgery. Mainly cause I couldn’t have a BM til yesterday and boy when it let go, it let go. Anyways, slowly finding food I can eat. Today I made skinless bbq chicken strips baked. I’ve kept it in me, so I guess that’s good.

Been thinking a lot about Jeff. What else is new right? Just keep thinking how lucky I am to have him in my life. I talked to my mom today and she said something that my sister also has said. They didn’t worry that much about me this week, because they knew that Jeff was here and would take really good care of me. They said if he hadn’t of been here they would have worried themselves sick. Knowing them, one of them would have driven up here.

Jeff, you are my rock. My knight in shining armor. Sounds cheesy I know. But how else can I describe it, it’s the truth. (2489)

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  1. Maribeth says:

    And I was just woinerdng about that too!

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