AAF23Dear brother

Written By: Kitten - Aug• 25•13

I wonder20130826-215156.jpg what would have been, if you haven’t have died. If my heart hadnt broke and our family hadnt cried

Would you have married? Would babies have been born? Would our family not ended up torn?

At 56 what would you be? If only what might have happened, I could see.

Turn back the clock, and hold you tight, Find a way to not say good night.

Not let you go, make you stay. Throw a fit to make you stay.

I wouldnt let you get Away. I would fight. I would say.

Stay dear brother. Don’t close that door.I need you here forever more.

Wait, Wait. Stop. Don’t go! Stay here, don’t you know?

How much we need you here? How much I need you here?

The family will change, and not for the good. We won’t be close, like a family should.

Come back dear brother. You need to stay. But, you had to go away.

Faded memories, we hold tight . Faded photographs I know on sight. (1276)

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