FamilyWritingsDo you believe in ghosts? Spirits?

Written By: Kitten - Nov• 14•13

Every year 20131116-011619.jpgaround Halloween, we see and hear stories of ghosts and such. Do I believe in a sheet covered spook floating through walls? Not really. I do believe in spirits of loved ones being around. I lost my brother when I was 12 Very inexpectedly. One night, not long after his funeral, I was really missing him. I was laying in bed and looking out my bedroom door towards the bathroom. At that moment, I saw a pale white figure of smoke walk out of the bathroom. No, it did not have the shape of a person nor did it look like my brother. But I knew it was him. Suddenly, a wave of calm came over me, and I was suddenly ok with his passing. That was the only time I think I have seen a spirit. But I smell my daddy often. Or should I say, I spell old spice cologne and Aqua Velva. He used those and I have always associated those scents with him. Now before you say that my son or boyfriend must be using them. What 18 yr old boy wears old spice and my boyfriend doesnt wear cologne at all. Sometimes when I go home, I visit his grave. I feel he is there. Two years ago, I visited my brothers grave for the first time in well over 20 years. I felt the same calm I did before.


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