SBXDon’t get pissed at me

Written By: Kitten - Oct• 16•12

I did this20121017-014927.jpg a while back, and decided to update it. I have lots more to add now.

  1. Starbucks/McDonalds customers-people that go to those restaurants and always order a certain drink and then come to where I work and expect us to have the same drink. We don’t carry the same things. We may have something similar, but we might. But I don’t drink coffee, so don’t get pissed at me if I dont have a clue as to what a mocha frappe skinny yadda yadda yadda is. You want that drink, go to where you know they carry it.
  2. Know what we have. If you order a chocolate glazed donut, then you will get a chocolate glazed donut. Don’t get pissed at me if what you want is a chocolate frosted. Know what our names are or at least ask!!
  3. Diesal vehicles- please turn off your vehicle when you get to the drive thru speaker. Your exhaust pipe is aimed right at our speaker. Don’t get pissed at me if I can’t hear your order over your loud vehicle.
  4. Pull close to the window. Don’t pull up 5 feet away from the window. I should not have to lean so far that my feet come off the floor.
  5. If you are having to wait in line, have your money ready when you get to the window. Don’t wait til you get there to start digging thru the mammoth purse to find the change.
  6. Don’t talk to us like we are shit stuck to the bottom of your shoe. If it wasn’t for us, you wold have to actually cook.
  7. We are human And we do make mistakes. Please allow us to correct our mistake without you becoming a scene from the exorcist!!!

Stay tuned for the next installment. (2316)

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