SBXEnd of 2012 football season thoughts…..

Written By: Kitten - Nov• 20•12

1-I’ve been20121120-155332.jpg seeing the phrase “end of an era” tossed around in reference to the sullivan north football season coming to an end. Yes, the 5 years that this years seniors have been at north can be considered an era to them. But what about the boys who are juniors? Sophomores? Freshman? 8th graders? Sure we lose a lot of good players this year. And they will be missed. But has anyone took a look at what is coming up? The class of 2014 isn’t anything to take for granted. The juniors and sophomores were on the undefeated region middle school football champions. We still have Jacob jasper, nick Copas, Logan Williams and my son David west, who had 5 interceptions this year-one which he returned for a touchdown. Don’t take this team for granted by thinking that without Cory Rowe and the rest of 2013 seniors, they won’t go anywhere. We also still have jacoby Thompson and Austin Linton. Hopefully after his surgery, Luke Tribble will be back next year. Seth maxwell, Heath McClellan, And Brett peters will all be returning. Anyone that thinks playing this team next year will be a piece of cake is really fooling themselves.

2-our final game with Elizabethton. The nigh started out on the wrong foot minutes after my daughter and I arrived at the Elizabethton field. We walked by a North alumni who is in a wheelchair, and we heard an Eliz. Fan make a rude remark about “the handicapped boy” Meghan told them, they better be glad they aren’t over 18 because she would knock their block off. So we continue to the stands and find a place that is suitable for me to wave the flag. Unbeknownst to me, the end I chose is where eliz. Fans also sit. WHY they sit on the visitors side, I don’t know. Anyway, I was waving the flag and went to set it down, and this child was standing behind me. I came close to hitting him, but I stopped in time. I said sorry Hun, don’t stand behind me, I couldn’t see you. His mother came down and proceeded to get in my face and blast me about the flag. Said I wasn’t allowed to have it there and yadda yadda yadda, I told her that I’ve been waving the flag since 2003 and if I wasn’t allowed to have the flag, then they wouldn’t have let me in the stadium with it. So she kept on and on. I ignored her. But me and Meghan and the rest of the raider fans continued to whoop and holler for our boys. We could see the Eliz. Fans running their flag on the track. On of our JV cheerleaders wanted to run ours, so she did and was stopped by a big ape and told we couldn’t be on the track. Well that made us mad! 3:00 min to go in the 4th quarter and we are down by 15 points. Fans were starting to leave. They had given up and had no faith in the team. I didn’t, I kept waving the flag. We recovered 2 onside kicks and tied the game up. Another boy wanted to run the flag, because Eliz, continued to run theirs. The boy was stopped by the big ape and forcibly escorted back to the stands. This made me mad. I went down there and demanded to know why. At first the big ape refused to answer me, but finally he said that it was a cheerleader that was running it. He took the flag and threw it down behind our team. Several of them saw it land on the ground and you could see they were pissed. I was told the big ape and our principal had heated words and a cop had to get between them. After the game I was waving the flag and didn’t see the woman coming towards me, but Meghan did. She come flying up the stands and said oh hell no, you aren’t going to attack my mom from behind. So we were all yelling. Another of my friends had to stop her daughters from arguing with another group.

All of this stands drama could have been avoided if Elizabethton Tennessee fans had kept their asses on their side of the field. By choosing to sit on the visitors side they are asking for trouble, and the raider fans were happy to oblige them.

A friend did some research and discoverd that the big ape is an asst principal at the school. I think the school board and whoever runs that schools athletics needs to take a look at why those fans are allowed to sit on visitors side. I doubt this was the first time and really doubt it will be the last. Someone is going to get hurt if this is let continue. (5301)

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