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Written By: Kitten - Aug• 06•12

Every day20120807-113811.jpg I wake up hopeful. Hopeful that today I will see you. Every night, I go to sleep saddened that another day has passed and I didn’t get to see you. I live for the day, that when you are headed home for your day off, you will be coming home to me. I have waited 23 plus years to call you mine. I still wonder how things have fallen into place so well, like someone waved a magic wand and said “do everything to make her happy” A friend told me once, that once you start making the right choices, everything starts falling into place. That must be true, because ever since I made the choice to take the first step. It seems like very little has gone haywire. You have done so much for me. I’m not talking financially or materialisticly. That is an understatement. Im talking about how you made me figure out who I was and who I wanted to be. You gave me strength to face the unknown. You gave me hope for the future. You made me realize that love really did exist. It wasn’t just something hallmark created. You showed me how a man should treat the woman he loves. You taught me how to show the man I love how I loved him. You made me see that it was okay to be happy. You made me see myself as how I was. How I didn’t like what I saw. You helped me change what I didn’t like. Not what you didn’t like. But what I didn’t like. You wanted me to change for me, not for you. And I did. So many people comment on how much I have changed. I tell them, for the better of course. Love has a way of doing that. True love. Not lust or puppy love. True heartfelt and deep love. I love you baby. Thank you for everything. (11919)

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