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Written By: Kitten - Nov• 10•12

Thru the regular20121114-005831.jpg season of the Sullivan North Raiders football team, the stands were a bit crowded. Not standing room only. But for a team that had only lost 1 game, it was a bit embarrassing. I went to my high schools homecoming game. My former school hadn’t won a game all year and the stands were slam packed. You couldn’t move. So as we move on the 3rd round of play offs, I think about the first two rounds. The stands were probably half full. I don’t remember seeing a painted up student section. I saw people reading books. Don’t get me wrong, I did hear a lot of people bringing the thunder to thunder valley. But it cold have been louder. I am disappointed that more people (including the band and others) don’t cheer with the cheer leaders with the raider rumble, raider fans in the stands and other audience participation cheers.

This coming Friday we travel to our arch rival Elizabethton. They beat us by one field goal during the season. And that was on our home turf. It’s going to be tough to beat the team AND the refs. Cause you know we always get bad calls there. So, how many of the loyal fans are going to brave the cold, travel the distance to root on the boys in black?!? Or will you take the wimpy route and find an excuse not to go?

Come on raider fans! Show them how we do things in bloomingdale!!!!!!!!!! (2168)

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