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Written By: Kitten - May• 17•13

While at graduation20130523-010732.jpg yesterday, I realized something. I saw aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends and a multitude of other relatives in addition to friends that came to celebrate these kids success. I thought back to my own graduation and then my daughters. i thought of the family that attended. I then forward to next year at my sons. It’s sad to say that there will be more from my family attend then his fathers and all my family live hundreds of miles away. How can family not be there for others? Especially if they live in the same town. My daughter has a very close relationship with my sister as well as 2 cousins. One living in Florida and the other 2 living on the other side of Virginia. Facebook and text make it possible. And yet she has cousins, aunts and uncles right here in town who they never see. One of her cousins passed away and to the went to the visitation. She hadn’t seen the family in many years and hardly knew them.

I try to keep up with my cousins and their kids. I text them and I texted my niece often. We try to keep our family together. It splintered when my daddy passed away. And now the cousins are doing their best to repair it. Once I move back to nk it will be easier to do.

Its sad when one person uses lies to try to destroy others happiness. But united a family can battle evil. (874)

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