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Written By: Kitten - Aug• 15•12

Well once again20120815-184208.jpg my Facebook news feed is full of bitching and complaining. Some of it I can understand, but a lot of it is stupid. I have seen over and over posts about people bitching about their kids being in the same building as 17 and 18 yr olds. Well as a mother of a 17 yr old and personally know many of the juniors and seniors since they were playing pee wee football. I can assure you that my son and his friends won’t want to be bothered with your child. The only 6th grader my son associates with is the only 6th grader that is playing on the school team. Do you really think the high schoolers are happy to have little kids in their building? No! My son informed me today that because of the little kids, they no longer can have iced tea or lemonade at lunch, they have to drink milk. How is that fair to them? That is one of the privledges of being in high school and now that has been taken away from them. I am sick and tired of hearing and seeing people insult the young people of Sullivan north. Give those kids some credit. My daughter was part of the first 8th grade class. People bitched then. I didn’t, I was used to that. My high school was 8-12 so I didnt see it as a big deal. People bitched and complained that seniors were gonna knock up 8th graders. Guess what…..I don’t remember a single classmate that year get pregnant. I remember one in the sophomore year get preggo by another sophomore. You get out of school what you put into it. If you go in expecting trouble, that’s exactly what you are going to get. Want to keep an eye on your kid, join the boosters, volunteer your time, actually spend some time with your children and their friends. Can you name more than a few of your child’s friends? I am proud to say that more than a few of my sons friends call me mom. Do you let your child go out without you knowing where they are going and who they are going to be with? Do you take their word or do you check on their stories? It is the parents responsibility to give your child a solid foundation on which to build. But what they build is up to them. If you don’t give them a solid foundation then they have no chance. You need to teach your child how to handle and react to peer pressure.

Im not saying I’m perfect or a perfect parent. I have made mistakes in raising my kids, we all have. I’m saying it’s up to the parents to teach their children. You can’t blame the school for your child’s behavior if you allow that kind of behavior at home with no discipline.

I have known probably over half of the kids at SNHS since they were little. They are good kids. Every school has it’s bad apples. It’s not a unique thing to north.

Also, the school within a school is not a unique thing either. Gate City has the middle and high connected and the high school uses the middle school gym. Fall Branch elementary is kindergarten to 8th grade. When Meghan was in kindergarten, her class was in the 8th grade wing.

It seems like every other week is a new topic to get the area riled up and give people something to bitch about. Chic filet, Ketron, North. What’s gonna be the shit stirrer next week? Ugh…. Thank goodness I on,y have 2 more years of having to listen to this.

If you don’t like what I’m saying, there is an unfriend button. Use it. (17376)

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