SBXGripe and bitch for today

Written By: Kitten - Jan• 07•13

It infuriates20130224-085709.jpg me when people come into the store and don’t know how to order their drink. They tell us one way, but mean another. And then we get in trouble for not making it right when you call back and lie and say I always make it wrong. Customer is always right, even when they are wrong. I say bull shit and learn how to order your freaking drink. I don’t know you, so you have no right to judge me and say I’m rude and inconsiderate to my coworkers. I really wish I could tell these people exactly what I think of them. I wish I could talk to them the way they talk to me. So to this bitch I dealt with today, this is for you-

you know what bitch! If you would tell me exactly how you want your drink, I would make it that way. But you told me that you wanted blah blah blah in it and that’s exactly how I made it. How in the hell is that my fault? You say it’s easier to order at another place? Well then take your dumb ass there and let them put up with your stupidity!!!! (2261)

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