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Written By: Kitten - Feb• 21•13

I watched a20130221-231656.jpg video today that got me thinking a lot about the man I call daddy. He’s not my natural father. Actually, there’s not any blood relation. But earning the right to be called daddy, takes more than contributing 50% of the DNA. Legally the ones I call my parents are my parents. If you wanna speak biologically, they are my grandmother and stepgrandfather. But daddy NEVER used the word step.

Ok, I guess I should start with what I know about this man. He was a young sailor in the navy. I don’t know how old he was. But somehow , someway he met the woman I call mom. My mom was young as well. She had 4 kids. My birth mom Kathy, and billy, Rowland and Chucky. She had gotten out of an abusive marriage. Somehow, someway they got married.

Down the line, I needed to move in with them. They adopted me and raised me as their own. This man I call daddy chose to be the father of 4 and them added me to the mix. He never used the word step or adopted when referring to any of his kids or grand kids. He lived to see us happy.

The man I call daddy passed away several years ago and life hasn’t been the same. So many things have changed. Divorces, kids being born . I wish he was here to see it all. The core of our family unit is gone. The family splintered and kinda didnt really associate with each other for a few years. But my cousins Chrissy and Shannon and my little sister Missy have decided that even though we are in 3 different states, we are going to try to make sure our family connection stays strong. We talk a lot, text a lot and even harass each other. But that’s how we show our love.

Daddy knew how unhappy I was before. I wish he was here now to see just how happy Jeff has made me. And how special he treats me and the kids Jeff‘s family has accepted me. I text with his daughter Kris quite often. His mom has welcomed me into her home, and made me feel so welcome and loved. I wish daddy could see that. (1144)

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