ArticleHow do you deal with stress?

Written By: Kitten - Apr• 27•13

People use many different ways to handle stress.20130430-121336.jpg Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sex and food. Some bite their fingernails. Some twist their hair. Some bite their lip. Some tap their feet or wring their hands. Everyone deals with things in their lives differently from others. What stresses one person out, may not affect someone else at all. Such as people making remarks about their weight. Or their clothes. Or the way they cook or clean. Things that you have no control over, make you obsess over things you do have control over. When you try to get someone’s approval or attention, and you don’t get it. It makes you turn to your comfort things. For me it’s food. I don’t smoke or do drugs. I seldom drink and sex….well forget that. Food is a comfort. But, after I binge on it to make me feel better, I end up feeling worse, because I know that I will see the result on the scale. I could easily be bulemic. I can throw up just thinking about it. But I dispise vomiting. I try not to keep a lot of food in the house. Especially sweets. If its not here, I can resist it. But if it is here when I get upset, I can’t resist it. I hate binge eating. I had to go off a medicine I take to control it, so I could have surgery. And I can really tell that I’m off of it. I can’t resist the calling of the food. It’s like I can sit here and just knowing there is a cake in the fridge is driving me crazy. I won’t be content until its gone. When I am here alone, I only have fruit here. But when there are others, I have to have other food.

Stressers are beyond my control. (5311)

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