AAF23How do you know he loves you?

Written By: Kitten - Sep• 01•12
  1. You tell him you are20120902-225606.jpg going to have surgery and without you even asking him, he takes time off from work to come take care of you.
  2. He calls everyone in your family after you come out of surgery and keeps them informed.
  3. He offers direction and guidance to your childrenm to help them become responsible adults. .
  4. He surprises you with random acts of kindness. Showing up 2 days early for your surgery. Bringing you roses, just because.
  5. He surprises you with little things that he picks up along the road, cause it made him think of you when he sees it.
  6. He wants you to become all you can be, but doesn’t expect or want you to be who you aren’t,
  7. He gets along with your family. Even if they have wierd and warped sense of humors.
  8. He tells you what you need to hear. Even if it’s not what you want to hear.
  9. He knows about your past, and loves you any way.
  10. Neither of you have secrets each other. Without total and complete trusty there can’tMBA a committed loving relationship.
  11. His family loves you and your family loves him.
  12. You have little codes that only you and he know. It may be sappy and silly. But to you two people it means a lot aaf23!


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