SBXHow to order at the drive-thru speaker

Written By: Kitten - Jun• 18•12

I have worked in many different places that had drive thrus. And I have noticed, that no matter where I work, people are still stupid when it comes to how to place an order. So here is a few helpful hints:

  1. If you drive a diesal truck or otherwise loud vehicle, dont get pissed when the order taker can’t hear you. Your exhaust is aimed right at the speaker and I have removed my headset many times when diesal trucks come thru because it hurt my ears.
  2. All places have a certain amount of time they have to get the cars order and get them out of drive thru. If you spend 5 minutes at the speaker, you have totally blown the goal and the person taking the order will most likely get something said to them by whoever is in charge and told to get them out faster.
  3. Have your money ready. Why must you wait til you actually get to the pick up window to start diggin thru the mammoth purse to try to find your wallet.
  4. Notify order taker of any coupons. Waiting til you get to the window messes up their time, because they have to change it on the register.
  5. Make your kids decide before you get to the restaurant, instead of spending 10 minutes at the speaker letting them choose. OR come inside.
  6. If you dont know what you want, come inside!!!!!!
  7. Dont look down on the workers like you are better then they are. After all, if it wasnt for them, you’d have to go home and actually cook.
  8. By saying that so-and-so resturant lets you do something, has not bearing on the one you’re at.
  9. Every place I’ve ever worked has 1 coupon per order. It even says so on the coupons. So stop trying to use more than one.
  10. Screaming kids are just as bad on our ears as diesal trucks
  11. Answer me the first time and I wont have to ask you twice.
  12. If you are hard of hearing, come inside instead of getting mad because you can’t hear the person taking your order. EVEN when face to face.
  13. If the window person asks you to pull up while waiting on your food, just do it instead of bitching about it. Whether there are people behind you or not. There is a reason for you having to park.


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