AAF23How to survive with little money

Written By: Kitten - Feb• 02•13

I am20130202-134105.jpg getting really tired of hearing people say they are broke and cant buy food for their families. And yet they are smoking cigarettes , drinking a red bull and munching on candy. I lost my job a week ago and am already preparing for stretching what money I have to last. Here are some suggestions I am working on keeping.

  1. Buy generic. Name brands sometimes cost A dollar more. Sure there are some things I can’t buy generic such as soda but for the most part, generics are just as good.
  2. Quit smoking. If you got money to buy cigarettes, then you should have no problem buying food.
  3. Call food pantries. In this area there is colonial heights Christian church. For a one time payment of $5 you get a whole bunch of really good food once a month.
  4. Stop eating out. If you spend $20 at McDonald’s, you could have spent the same amount and buy enough food to feed you twice.
  5. Power bill too high, turn off unnecessary lights. If you have wall heaters, only heat rooms you are using. Instead of turning the heat up, wrap up in a blanket.
  6. Check prices of competing stores. There is a new one here in town called priceless foods. They sell you stuff at cost and add 10% of the final total at the end. I have gone in with $20 and come out with 5 bags of grocery.
  7. Make a big meal, freeze half, you eat twice or more. Chili, hamburger helper, lasagna. It’s all good to freeze.
  8. If you have a bottomless pit living in your house like I do, I go to the grocery store every day. Otherwise, all the food is gone in one day.
  9. Limit the amounts of sugar foods. Sodas, snack cakes. Buy fruit and veggies.
  10. It is possible. You just have to work at it. Instead of whining and complaining…do something about it. Don’t expect a handout amd for people to automatically help you when yo are in willing to help yourself.


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