ArticleLoveHow we got to where we are.

Written By: Kitten

Flashback to 1983. I was a shy timid 13 yr old girl, just starting high school. I dont remember exactly when or where it happened, but I met Jeff Phillips that year. We became friends. He had typing class right down the hall from where I had civics class. I would meet him outside his room and talk before class and then just before the tardy bell rang, I would shoot up the stairs and be in my seat in the nick of time. Then my sophmore year, he asked me to go steady. I still have several notes from him that he put in my locker. He graduated that year and went into the Air Force. We pretty much lost contact til my senior year. I will never forget it. I was sitting at the lunch table with my friends and one of them said “jeffs over there” I said “what” They said “over there at the airforce recruiting table” I stood up to look and at that precise moment he looked up and we saw each other. I was instantly nervous and sat down quickly but not before he saw me. He came over and we talked. We saw each other alot the next week but then he had to go back to Japan. A few weeks after he returned to Japan, I recieved a letter asking me to marry him. I was 18 and didnt know what I wanted, so I said no. After I mailed it, I began to regret it and wrote him another letter saying I did want to marry him. But the 2nd letter never made it to him. Neither of us knew the other still wanted a future. So we both went our separate ways and married others.

In 1997 or so I found Jeff thru classmates.com. I figured he wouldnt want anything to do with me. Took me a while to press enter on the message I had wrote out. We communicated for a while off and on, eventually losing contact. Through the next 20 years we would send an email or text just to say hi. Then came 2011. My marriage had fallen apart and unknown to me, his had as well. With both of our marriages on the rocks, we began to lean on each other for support. Help each other thru everything. At first we were just being good friends, but gradually the old feelings began to boil to the surface.

I didnt know how he felt. I tried to keep my true feelings hidden and just remain as friends. Then one day he called me and said he needed to talk to me. I was scared. I though he was ending our friendship. He told me he felt the same way. He wanted to see where this would go. I was beyond thrilled. I too wanted to see. We began to work together as a couple. Working together to solve problems. Discussing everyday things. Making important decisions jointly. If either of us had a problem, we discussed the options. I’m not gonna say it’s been an easy journey. We have hit our pot holes on the road but we’ve worked thru them.

For the most part our families and those closest to us have been very supportive of our choices. His kids are the bomb. His daughter communicates with me often. A very bizarre coincindence. His son was over 6 weeks early. My daughter was almost 3 weeks late. They were both born on the same day 7 minutes apart. I have met both of his kids and they are so nice to me and mine.

We’ve been together well over a year now. Its going to be about 2 years before I’m able to move back to our home town so we can really be together instead of long distance. I can’t wait for that day. He has beeen my soul mate since we were kids and I’m excited to see what’s to come.


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