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Written By: Kitten - Jul• 01•12

Some people may get tired of my posts about love and being in love. All I can say to that is don’t let the back door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. I could talk about how it feels to be in love ands be loved til my dying day and I still could not come close to expressing how it feels. I used to think that love was just a 4 letter word. Ones that teen and preteens threw around like it was just a word. I had stopped believing in romantic love. The kind you see in movies. Yes, I love my kids and my family. But the kind of love I didn’t beleave existed was the heart stopping jaw dropping toes curling kind of love. The kind where just a look from him makes you weak in the knees. The kind where just a touch from him sends shocks of electricity to all your nerve endings. I had reached the point of reading silly romance novels that I knew were so unrealistic in their depiction of how love feels. But then a shadow from my past came to me. Someone who had lived only in my dreams for decades made his presence known. He had a hard job ahead of him. I had built up very tall and very strong walls. I had decided that I was never going to fall in love again. But he kept chipping at the walls until a small crack developed. He kept at it until I began to believe I was capable of loving someone and was capable of being loved in the manner of a romance novel. Now when I read those books, I know that kind of love is possible.


Young people these days throw the “i love you” around like confetti. They confess their undying love for someone on Monday. Then by Friday change and are in love with someone else..it’s so pitifully sad when they change their Facebook statuses several times a month. Very few so called true love relationships stand the test of time from high school. Some do, but they are rare. (2596)

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