SBXIf she’s jealous, it’s love??

Written By: Kitten - May• 05•13

I saw20130505-110602.jpg a picture today that said, if she’s jealous, she’s in love. I have to disagree. Jealousy doesn’t really have anything to do with love. Jealousy is born of insecurity. Insecure in your partner to not be interested in anyone else. A true love relationship has to have trust. A lot of relationships would not be able to survive long distance. My partner is a long distance trucker. Without trusting him or without him trusting me, we would not be able to be together, because we would just drive ourselves crazy. He could look at another woman, even think she sexy. But I’m secure in the knowledge, that he loves me. And he feels the same with me. He has to trust that I won’t want another man. And in reality, I hardly notice men. Except their eyes. I am an eye person. If you have beautiful eyes, I will notice that. But that’s where it will stop. I wear a $1.99 ring that he bought at a gas station. It’s a simple band that says I <3 you. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. And it keeps the men who might ask me out, away. My heart belongs to only one man.

I don’t believe jealousy is love. Trust, honesty, patience, and communication. That is love. (1638)

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