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Written By: Kitten - Mar• 27•14

i feel the20140420-011002.jpg wolf knocking at the door. I’m struggling to keep him away. I throw up obstacles, but I find it harder and harder each day. Stress and depression and worry and pain. It doesn’t make me turn to drugs or alcohol. It’s food. It’s too available to me. I get sad, I eat. I get angry, I eat. I eat. I eat. I eat. I eat, and then I get angry at myself for eating. I try to not buy food. If it’s not here, then I won’t be able to eat it. Right? But the cravings hit until I am driving myself crazy. It is possible to crave sugar like others crave drugs and booze. The diet pills I was taking, dont control it any more. I can’t get anything done about the pain I have when I eat, so I eat more. I hurt more, so I eat more. Makes no sense. Not even to me.


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