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Written By: Kitten - Nov• 08•12

I’m thinking20121127-125423.jpg of running away. Just for a couple of days. Escape the world and everything in it. Just spend some time with me, myself, and I. I’ve thought about getting in the car and driving for 2 hours and see where I end up.
If I go in one direction, I will end up in gatlinburg Tennessee. Where I can lose myself in all the tourist bull shit. I can people watch all day. I can wander the stores and buy absolutely nothing. I can forget about everything by watching the people.
If I head in another direction, I can make it to middle Virginia. I have a former classmate of mine that lives near there. I could spend some time with her.
I could go in another direction and finally meet someone I’ve only talked to online and who happens to be the mother of 3of my nephews.
I could go north, but I know nothing about that part of the country.
Hmmm, wonder where GPS would send me if I ask for escape?
Who am I kidding, I can’t afford gas back and forth to work. I certainly can’t afford a road trip. Maybe just go up to the hiking trails of bays mountain. Spend some time with nature.
I just need to find myself, figure out who I am and what I want in life. I don’t know anymore. I thought I knew. I thought I had it all figured out. (14867)

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