AAF23July 4, 2012

Written By: Kitten - Jul• 04•12

Spent the afternoon20120704-203614.jpg with my kids at Wetlands water park in Jonesbourough Tennessee. It’s a small water park, but yet big enough to have fun. While Davey ran from one slide to the next, Meghan and I were content on floating and people watching. We noticed a lot of things that made us scratch our heads in wonder.

20120709-010408.jpg1-If your belly hangs over the bottom of your bathing suit, your bikini days are over.
2-White bathing suits do not hide anything. They get wet, you might as well be naked.
3-Those inflatable arm things are not life preservers. You still need to watch your kid closely.

We noticed the sky beginning to get dark, so we ended our day early. Got to talk to my baby. I really miss him. Someday when he is headed home from work, he will be coming home to me. I love you JEP aaf23 (28684)

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