June 3, 2016 diagnosis day 1

Written By: Kitten - Jun• 03•16

Multiple myeloma.  Genetic mutation that shows a possible aggressive form. Chemotherapy. Bone marrow transplant. These phrases just keep running thru my head. This is something that happens to other people. This doesn’t happen to me. It can’t happen to me. I don’t have time for life threatening illness. Whether I have time for it or not, I have no choice, because it’s here. And only with Gods grace am I going to beat this.

Ive had so many thoughts in my head since my appt today. Most probably don’t make any sense to anyone but me. Heck, no one else probably even reads this blog but me.. Well maybe Voldemort just to see if I’m talking about her. HEY THERE!

Some of my thoughts I’ve had are:

  • due to some family history of men dying early in Jeff‘s family, I was worried about losing him. Now it may be the other way around.
  • This diagnosis will throw a wrench in so many of our plans for weeks, months and years to come. Any thoughts of vacations, marriage Or moves will be out on the back burner for a good while.
  • I have to wonder just how long I have had this and could it have been caught any sooner? i have tried to donate blood for a couple years, but the blood bank kept telling me my iron was too low and would always ask if I was anemic, but my doc didn’t seem too concerned., but now I wonder.
  • Could all my issues trace back to this?
  • Genetic anomaly? Genetic? Does that mean my kids could have this? My siblings?
  • Is this going to make everyone who thought I was a faker, or a hypochondriac or exagerating my issues, realize I wasn’t?


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