AAF23Knives and me dont mix well

Written By: Kitten - May• 28•12

I keep telling everyone that I should not handle sharp objects. A few months ago i was slicing bread and proceeded to cut the tip of one of my fingers nearly off. Today I was doing my work by washing dishes, and was getting ready to wash the lemon slicer. Well the middle finger on my right hand decided it wanted to be a lemon and got to close to the blades and sliced it. I had to answer drive thru, so I grabbed the nearest thing which was a dish towel. I went back up front and the customer was a doctor. He asked to take a look at it, and said I didnt need stitches, just to put pressure on it to stop the bleeding. After 5 bandaids, my manager went to her car to get some gauze and tape and wrapped up my whole finger. All this for a half inch cut cause it wouldnt stop bleeding. Gotta love it.

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