FamilyLearn to let go, so you can move on and forward

Written By: Kitten - Dec• 06•13

So20131206-231538.jpg I am sure anyone that has been reading my blogs, can remember who i refer to as she who must not be named. So you will be able to understand he rest if this blog. If you don’t know who it is, then you should search she who must not be named on here.

Over the last couple of years I have tried to sever all knowledge and feelings of this person. Basically I describe it as cutting off the branch of the family tree. I spent so many years feeling insecure and inferior to this person, the hatred was eating me up inside. I finally realized that until I let go of the hatred, I would never move on. No, I don’t forgive and I definitely dont forget. So I began to write. Letters, poems, whatever Came to mind. Id write and then tear it up. Eventually the anger and hatred finally began to disappear. Now, I no longer spend my days hating and despising this person. I don’t even feel pity for them anymore. I feel nothing. If someone brings up her name, then I think of her. But otherwise, I’ve moved on.

My cousins and i have agreed, that it is up to us to keep our family circle intertwined and knotted up, so nothing and no one could ever break our bonds. Not time or distance. (972)

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