SBXLoud and proud or quiet and silent

Written By: Kitten - Oct• 06•12

I just don’t20121006-213644.jpg get it. I am tired of fair weathered fans. As long as a team is winning and doing spectacular things on the field, the fans are whooping it up and cheering. But should the team be behind or not doing spectacular things, the fans are just sitting there not paying attention to what’s going on the field. HELLO! did you pay 4-6 bucks a person, to sit there with your thumb up your ass? Why pay money and not watch the game? Ever since I was in high school I have gone to games to actually watch the games. There are many times, that I am the only one yelling for the boys and trying to keep them pumped up. When the boys are waving their arms trying to get a reaction from the crowd, and maybe 10 people in the stands respond, it’s disheartening. I have been told several times to sit down and quiet down at games. To which I’ve replied, hell no. These boys on the field are the reason you are here. You aren’t here to text or read. I have known so many of these boys since they were 6 years old. I can tell about things that they have done in games. Can you? Can you talk about the flip into the end zone that happened at our homecoming game? Can you tell who did it? Can you tell who blocked a punt and who picked it up and ran it into the end zone to score? JV parents, can you tell who has had 3 interceptions in 3 games? Can any of you name more than a handful of players? Many of you went to sullivan north, and yet your school spirit seems to have died. I am going to my schools homecoming in 2 weeks and I plan on being just as loud cheering for boys I don’t know as I am when cheering for the golden raiders.

20121006-214422.jpgI just wish everyone in the stands would show some raider spirit all the time thru the whole game. I can remember a few years ago when our raiders were a couple of touchdowns behind going into the 4th quarter. The fans were starting to leave in acceptance of losing. Our band director, Brian Hodge, decided to do what he could do to pump the boys up. So the band of gold started playing and didn’t stop Except to catch their breath. And even when they stopped briefly, they were yelling, stomping and waving their flags. The boys responded by scoring and winning, after the game, coach Robbie came over and told the band that they were the 12th man on the field . I want to see that again. The stands are way to quiet. If you want quiet, go to the freaking library.

i am challenging each and every so-called raider fan to show those boys how proud you are to be a raider fan. Put up the cell phones and whatever else you are doing and watch the game for once. (3515)

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