SBXMeghan’s speech to school board

Written By: Kitten - Mar• 15•13

My name is Meghan West and i am a 2010 graduate of Sullivan North High School. I would like to present to you another concern that the community has for the proposed rezoning option, asking in return that you, our elected board, allow more time on this matter.

In the last several years, nearly every school in the bloomingdale community has been closed. Lynn view, gravely, cedar grove, Kingsley and Brookside. Ketron was changed to an intermediate school, then an elementary school. Sullivan north had 8th grade added, now it has 6, 7, and 8. I have many friends who have had to change schools several time because theirs kept getting closed. I myself was part of the first 8th grade class at sullivan north. The communities have all been thrown into chaos with the constant changes. Parents are taking children to the city or to Virginia schools because their community is being torn apart.

I attended north zone schools from first grade til graduation. When I was in 9th grade, we moved into the city. My parents gave me the choice to go to db or stay at north. I chose north. The reason I chose north was the amount of students. I do not do well in huge schools where you hardly know anyone. Many of the teachers graduated high school with my father from sullivan north. I like knowing that I knew almost everyone in my high school. I participated in marching band the entire five years i was there. Yes, we were among the smallest marching bands around. But we were a family. Because of every school being closed in the north zone, the community needs sullivan north to remain a high school. If you remove that, we won’t be the tight knit community we are now. Every Friday night, thunder valley erupts with cheers for the golden raiders. Everyone awaits the first touchdown to see my mom wave the big north flag. It just won’t be the same, having to travel across town and start cheering for the rebels.

I coach in the bloomingdale basketball league. My teams are known as the training league raiders and JV lady raiders. These kids look forward to one day wearing the black and gold and playing for sullivan north. They wear their little jerseys with pride. Please don’t take that away from them.

We, the members of this county, ask for stability. Stability in knowing that each of you would not rush such a radical decision, before you were certain that it was the best decision: for every tax payer, every community, every teacher, every school, and most of all every child in this county that you serve. More time is needed. Thank you. (2081)

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