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Written By: Kitten - May• 09•13

Where has20130510-103437.jpg the time gone? I don’t understand.

When did my baby boy, turn into a man?

tball to touchdowns

first base to first downs.

you grabbed every sport and did your best.

you tackled every obstacle like it was a test.

to some of your team, you will always be little man.

overcoming your size, side by side you will stand.

18 years old, a senior You will be.

Your last year of school, what a sight we will see.

my baby boy is now a man.

shoot for the stars, like we know you can.

David-means manly. your first name came from a friend of mine who was like a brother. He was always sweet and kind to me. He was a lot of fun and very mischievous. Just like you.

Charles- means strong. Your middle name came from my brother chucky. He was a brave man. Full of life and a warped sense of Humor. Played a lot of sports. And you even resemble him. You are a lot like your uncle chucky. I know he watches over you. (17743)

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