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Written By: Kitten - Jul• 28•13

Tried to fit in.20130729-013755.jpg Tried to be one of you. But it didn’t matter what I tried, I couldn’t break into the inner circle. No matter what I tried, it always ended up wrong, I ended up messing up. Then I realized, I was never going to fit in. And I also realized, that I didn’t want to. I shouldn’t have to change who I am, just to fit in to your clique. Your incessant whining and always trying to make your life seem so much worse than anyone else’s. no matter what anyone else has going on in their life, you always had something worse happen. So I stopped trying to fit in, and just started being myself. Obviously that isn’t good enough either. So you know what? I give up. I am not trying anymore. I don’t need this stress and bullshit in my life. You’ll be sorry when I’m not there.

You think you are the best. Most perfect. Oh sugar, are you far from perfect. Your nose is a permanent shade of brown from all your brown nosing and ass kissing. I can’t wait to tell you exactly what I think of you and your actions. The time is near. (935)

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  1. dar says:


    Однозначно рекомендую!

    Высокодоходный проект

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