Written By: Kitten - Jun• 24•16

Friends. How many of us have people we can call on at the drop of a hat for help? For a ride? For a kind word? For a shoulder? I’ve known I have people who I call friends, but since my diagnosis, it seems re has been an outpouring of texts, visits and calls of people who want me to know that they are ready willing and able to do whatever I need done to make it easier to live while im fighting this diseases. I have always tried to be independent and not want to rely on others. This disease is forcing me to accept help. My kids and family and friends are all helping me and I’m Slowly coming round to accepting the help that they are so graciously offering.

I have family and friends who are w[......]

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AAF23 Attacked from all sides

Written By: Kitten - Jun• 23•16

Cancer, autism and dementia oh my! Just a few years ago these were words that other families had to deal with. Not mine. And def not my kids. Now not only my adult kids have to face it, but the minor children of my cousins have to deal with it on a daily basis. We have all had to change our daily way of living. Our out,oof on life. Our whole manner of living. No more can we live for ourselves. We have to not only handle how we are going to cure ourselves, but we have to worry how those around us will react.

Th around us will say, don’t worry about us, worry about getting yourself better. How exactly are we supposed to do that when we see you breaking down in tears? So we wait til we are a[......]

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