AAF23 Don’t worry don’t worry don’t worry

Written By: Kitten - May• 20•16

Don’t worry they say. Everything will be fine, they say. No need to work yourself all up, they say. Well why don’t they just tell the sun not to shine, the grass not to grow or the politicians not to lie. I mean, come on really? I know worry isn’t going to make it better, or change anything, but do you really think that by saying it I’m gonna be able to stop?

I work in a place where just a handful of people even know who I am. Who even care if I come in. Who give a shit if I live or die. As long as I answer the damn phones, they don’t care. Assholes proved that today when I tried to discuss some things. (813)

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AAF23 How much can I handle?

Written By: Kitten - May• 19•16

I’ve always heard the saying “God won’t give you more than you can handle” he must really have a lot of trust in me, because my faith in myself is definitly waivering right now. I’ve got multiple health issues coming one after another with no answers or cause of any of them. And Im pretty much having to handle them alone. I have my kids, and my daughter drives me when I need her to. I have family who support me via the phone and Internet, and I guess that’s better than nothing. Some don’t even have that. The Internet has become a sore spot in my life. I am spending to much time on it and have decided to arrange an intervention. I have deleted the Facebook apps and most internet apps, except[......]

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