Family Cancer and dementia are thieves

Written By: Kitten - Mar• 27•16

Cancer and dementia are thieves. They take loved ones body and mind away. Sometimes it’s quick as in the case with my dad. From the time of diagnosis in december to his death in June was only 9 months. In some ways, that’s good. And in others, it’s not. In the cases of dementia, it can drag on and on for years. The body can live for a very long time, while the mind reverts back to that of a toddler. People forget how to do things. They forget their children. They can no longer take care of themselves. Such as the case of my mother. A family member has moved her away from the rest of her family, so now she has only that family member and no one else. She is now hours away from everyone. Not t[......]

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FamilyWritings Still a child on the inside

Written By: Kitten - Jan• 17•16

When someone has to face the fact that their parents are not immortal, it tears at your very soul

Its like they’re the piece of you that makes your life whole.

The immense pain you feel as you try to accept the truth.

Knowing that the time will come all too soon.

You can’t breathe. You can’t sleep.

The pain digs down thru your heart so deep

You can’t think, your minds a blur.

You can’t see through the pain and hurt.

People Say her time is done.

They say its time for her to go home.

Don’t be selfish and beg her to stay.

She wants to go, but its so far away.

I am just not ready to say goodbye.

Afterall, I’m still a child inside. (1254)

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