Past Thoughts

Written By: aaf23

    • To the class of 2013

      To the class of 2013

      2047 days ago
      I watched20130511-084746.jpg you grow from toddlers to teens And teens to young adults. I have so many memories of you. Hallikins Strong-where in the world do begin? I met you as an hyperactive 4 year old doing twirls on the basketball court. Making sand castles on the tball field. Picking dandilions instead of cheer leading. Flipping the flag and avoiding knocking yourself out. Trying to knock it in your skull to stop chasing boys and let them chase you. I hope you reach for the stars girl. Don't settle for less then your dreams. Morgan Frazier-Lordy girl. I met you around 5 or so. My first memory of you is nearly choking to death on a damn cheese stick at the tball all star game. Then you were on the first varsity girls basketball team I head coached. You've always reached your goals. never…
    • What I want…

      What I want…

      2218 days ago
      What do20121123-085032.jpg I want for Christmas? It's not physical. You can't buy it in a store. What I want is time. Time spent with the love of my life. Time spent with my sister and brother. Time spent with my mother and step father. I want to be able to spend holidays with my love. I want to be at home waiting, knowing he is on his way home. I want to be able to snuggle into his arms as I drift off to sleep. I want to spend time with my sister and her family. I want to meet my 2 nephews I have never seen but in pictures. I want to be an aunt to my nieces. I want to drive my brother in law crazy. I want to spend time with my brother. I want my kids to be able…
    • Can I do this? Yes I can

      Can I do this? Yes I can

      1675 days ago
      Sometimes20140525-155451-57291854.jpg I feel like bob the builder. I have to keep telling myself I can achieve my goals. I don't do much of anything from December to July. I can't coach basketball or softball. but I do coach cheerleading. From now until November or so, I will be very active.
      1. pee we cheerleading
      2. Friday night football with the golden raiders
      3. Going back to school
      4. Being a mom
      Yes, I will be very busy. But I will do it!!
    • Fair weather fans

      Fair weather fans

      2229 days ago
      Thru the regular20121114-005831.jpg season of the Sullivan North Raiders football team, the stands were a bit crowded. Not standing room only. But for a team that had only lost 1 game, it was a bit embarrassing. I went to my high schools homecoming game. My former school hadn't won a game all year and the stands were slam packed. You couldn't move. So as we move on the 3rd round of play offs, I think about the first two rounds. The stands were probably half full. I don't remember seeing a painted up student section. I saw people reading books. Don't get me wrong, I did hear a lot of people bringing the thunder to thunder valley. But it cold have been louder. I am disappointed that more people (including the band and others) don't cheer with the cheer leaders with the…
    • I won’t apologize

      I won’t apologize

      2360 days ago
      Some people may get tired of my posts about love and being in love. All I can say to that is don't let the back door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. I could talk about how it feels to be in love ands be loved til my dying day and I still could not come close to expressing how it feels. I used to think that love was just a 4 letter word. Ones that teen and preteens threw around like it was just a word. I had stopped believing in romantic love. The kind you see in movies. Yes, I love my kids and my family. But the kind of love I didn't beleave existed was the heart stopping jaw dropping toes curling kind of love. The kind where just a look from him makes you weak in the knees. The kind where just a…

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