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    • How to earn the title “best friend”

      How to earn the title “best friend”

      2419 days ago
      How do you earn20120704-215602.jpg the privilege to be called a best friend? Well there are many different ways to each person. Trust-you have to be able to trust your best friend 100% with everything. With your darkest secrets. You don't hesitate to share with them things no one else knows. You trust that they won't turn their back on you, or share the info with others. Makes time for you - a best friend is always there. If you need them, they don't say "well maybe if I have time" Dependable-a best friend stands behind their word. What they say they will do, they do. What they say they won't do, they don't. Psychic - a best friend knows you so well, they almost seem psychic. They know you need things before you know you need them. A best friend is a shoulder to…
    • How to survive with little money

      How to survive with little money

      2204 days ago
      I am20130202-134105.jpg getting really tired of hearing people say they are broke and cant buy food for their families. And yet they are smoking cigarettes , drinking a red bull and munching on candy. I lost my job a week ago and am already preparing for stretching what money I have to last. Here are some suggestions I am working on keeping.
      1. Buy generic. Name brands sometimes cost A dollar more. Sure there are some things I can't buy generic such as soda but for the most part, generics are just as good.
      2. Quit smoking. If you got money to buy cigarettes, then you should have no problem buying food.
      3. Call food pantries. In this area there is colonial heights Christian church. For a one time payment of $5 you get a whole bunch of really good food once a month.
      4. Stop eating out. If you spend…
    • Why bother?

      Why bother?

      2210 days ago
      Sometimes20130127-220022.jpg I wonder why I bother to share things that happen to me or around me sometimes. Like if I'm having something health wise going on, a lot of times I get told its all in my head, or I'm exaggerating, or just deal with it. It aggravates me. Sometimes I just need someone to listen. I don't need to me told that its cause I did this or because I did that. It makes me want to stop trying to share things. Just keep it to myself. Like when I got my doctor to send me for a hearing test. I can't hear at work or in other noisy situations. Especially if I have the headset on. But the doctor basically said it was all in my head and my hearing was normal. Well, of course it was normal. I was in…
    • Twice in a lifetime.

      Twice in a lifetime.

      2452 days ago
      Some people go their20120722-113828.jpg whole life without finding the one they are meant to be with. Some find them, but can't hold on to them. And then there are people like me. I met him. Lost him. Met him. Lost him and now through a lot of faith and hope, I have found him again. He does things that I didn't think guys did. He listens to me. He encourages me to be tte best I can be at whatever I do. He not only says the words "I love you" he shows me. I don't mean by material things. He shows interest in what me my kids and my family are up too. He remembers things I tell him. He is the missing piece I didn't know was missing.
    • Waiting is the hardest part.

      Waiting is the hardest part.

      2431 days ago
      220130213-233742.jpg more years. OMG how can I wait two more whole years to be with my baby. I live for the visits when his job brings him thru this area. Whether he can stay the night or just an hour or two. It thrills me to no end. I want to be waiting at home for him when he comes home for the night. I want to do that. He makes me smile. I saw on the tv today that "the sexiest thing is a man actually listens" I have to agree. He not only listens to me. He actually remembers things I tell him. It could be something as mundane as what kind of car I call my dream car.

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