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    • Bikini Girl

      Bikini Girl

      1168 days ago
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    • Old but New to me again

      Old but New to me again

      2295 days ago
      As of Friday June 15, my name will be Katrina Ann Smith once again. Gonna feel odd writing Smith again. I have been trying to sign non-legal things with Smith. But starting on Friday, I can sign everything with Smith. It is bittersweet though. Considering the woman that gave me the name Smith and legally became my mother, hasnt spoken to me almost exactly a year. Her choice. I guess I'm just too stubborn to make the first step, but I guess I need to. I will go by her house my next trip home. But I wont stay there. I have been told I have an open invitation at my cousins as well as a special friend. 20120610-225619.jpgI am already planning a trip back this fall. I want to attend the annual…
    • You never know…

      You never know…

      1899 days ago
      When I first20130712-231008.jpg separated, I had several people act shocked. They said they thought i had a happy marriage. This week I see in the paper a former friend and her husband. He is charged with trying to kill her. You just never know what goes on behind closed doors. I've been seeing lots of comments like monster,insane, psycho. This guy never came off to me like that. But again, you never know. My point is, you can't judge others. You can't say that he is bad or she is bad. Cause you don't know the whole story. They have a son Dave's age. He is the one I feel sorry for.
    • How much can I handle?

      856 days ago
      I've always heard the saying "God won't give you more than you can handle" he must really have a lot of trust in me, because my faith in myself is definitly waivering right now. I've got multiple health issues coming one after another with no answers or cause of any of them. And Im pretty much having to handle them alone. I have my kids, and my daughter drives me when I need her to. I have family who support me via the phone and Internet, and I guess that's better than nothing. Some don't even have that. The Internet has become a sore spot in my life. I am spending to much time on it and have decided to arrange an intervention. I have deleted the Facebook apps and most internet apps, except for this one, from both my phone and iPad. I'm gonna focus more on myself.…
    • My favorite thing about my surgery

      My favorite thing about my surgery

      2216 days ago
      Sure, I Like not20120831-191557.jpg having pain every time I eat.. I hate that I have to miss 2 weeks of work. But my fav thing about this, is that i get to spend the week with Jeff. I know I talk about him a lot. But I am very happy and want everyone to be as happy as I am.

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