Past Thoughts

Written By: aaf23

    • The house that built me

      1146 days ago
      I know the time is coming quick, that my mother will Pass away.  I am dreading it for the obvious reasons. But also because my childhood home will be sold and strangers will assume possession of it. I don't want to think about a stranger walking those halls that daddy painted. I wish the house could stay in the family,
    • What does being “in love” really mean? What is love?

      What does being “in love” really mean? What is love?

      2096 days ago
      What does being in20120722-115154.jpg love mean? Is it liking someone one day, saying I love you the next, then I hate you the next? Is that what love is? People, especially young people, throw that word around like confetti. I have seen so many times on FB, people posting "I love him/her, He/she is my soul mate. We will be together forever" then the next week, they chang their status to single. I mean, shouldn't the word love mean something more? I used to think that it was just a word. That people use that word to get something from you. I thought love was a useless feeling that no one really understood. Until the last couple years. At the age of 41 I discovered that the word love did mean something. I found out what it really feels like to be in…
    • I won’t apologize

      I won’t apologize

      2060 days ago
      Some people may get tired of my posts about love and being in love. All I can say to that is don't let the back door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. I could talk about how it feels to be in love ands be loved til my dying day and I still could not come close to expressing how it feels. I used to think that love was just a 4 letter word. Ones that teen and preteens threw around like it was just a word. I had stopped believing in romantic love. The kind you see in movies. Yes, I love my kids and my family. But the kind of love I didn't beleave existed was the heart stopping jaw dropping toes curling kind of love. The kind where just a look from him makes you weak in the knees. The kind where just a…
    • Back in the saddle again!

      Back in the saddle again!

      1663 days ago
      As I near the end of pee wee football I am so very proud of these girls Ad their parents. They were so patient with me. i couldn't have asked for a better group. I haven't coached in three years and this gave me back the urge to get involved again. Maybe I can find a basketball league that might want me to take a team. I love being involved. I like staying active. WTH Cheerleading ending I want to find something to stay busy, several of my girls I have coached in the past, are now playing for middle and high school teams. I want to get back involved. 20130803-135054.jpg TO MY PACKER GIRLS: Kierstan, Kaylee, Kaylie, Kelsey, Karley, Harley, Karley, Paisley, Deara, Zara, Sarah, Reigan, Sydney, Alana, Nataya, Aubrielle, Rylei and Audrina. I love you girls.
    • Dear brother

      Dear brother

      1640 days ago
      I wonder20130826-215156.jpg what would have been, if you haven't have died. If my heart hadnt broke and our family hadnt cried Would you have married? Would babies have been born? Would our family not ended up torn? At 56 what would you be? If only what might have happened, I could see. Turn back the clock, and hold you tight, Find a way to not say good night. Not let you go, make you stay. Throw a fit to make you stay. I wouldnt let you get Away. I would fight. I would say. Stay dear brother. Don't close that door.I need you here forever more. Wait, Wait. Stop. Don't go! Stay here, don't you know? How much we need you here? How much I need you here? The family will change, and not for the good. We won't be close, like a family should. Come back dear brother. You need to…

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