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    • Some random questions on my mind.

      Some random questions on my mind.

      2020 days ago
      So many times.20120722-113436.jpg More than I can count, I have dropped everything to help someone out. I have changed my plans, because someone needed me. But only a handful of times, has the favor been returned. So I ask you to think about this:
      • someone worked for you, when you needed to be off
      • picked you up or took you somewhere
      • brought you something to eat
      • did something spontaneous without you asking them to
      Did you thank them? Did you return the favor in someway? Or did you just forget about it? If you didnt repay them, will you be suprised that the next time you need a favor that the person says no? Will you get mad at them because they refuse? I have had this very thing happen to me by different people. I try to let it go and not bother me. But after several times…
    • Random love thoughts

      Random love thoughts

      1614 days ago
      Yes I'm jealous. 20130717-182705.jpgI'm jealous of other women. Not for the reasons you might think.
      • I'm jealous of the women who get to kiss their men good night, instead of having to say it on the phone.
      • It makes me mad when people complain about their men snoring or leaving the toilet seat up or other silly complaint. When my man is here, I love hearing him snore. It comforts me.
      • I hate when I hear women throw the word love around like nothing,
      • Im jealous of the cashiers at the truck stops who get to see him every day.
      • Hearing the sound of a diesel truck gets my blood racing,
      • Seeing a truck the same shade of blue as my baby's truck makes me smile,
      • Love takes communication. Without communication. It can't grow
    • Fair weather fans

      Fair weather fans

      1861 days ago
      Thru the regular20121114-005831.jpg season of the Sullivan North Raiders football team, the stands were a bit crowded. Not standing room only. But for a team that had only lost 1 game, it was a bit embarrassing. I went to my high schools homecoming game. My former school hadn't won a game all year and the stands were slam packed. You couldn't move. So as we move on the 3rd round of play offs, I think about the first two rounds. The stands were probably half full. I don't remember seeing a painted up student section. I saw people reading books. Don't get me wrong, I did hear a lot of people bringing the thunder to thunder valley. But it cold have been louder. I am disappointed that more people (including the band and others) don't cheer with the cheer leaders with the…
    • Taken for granted…..

      Taken for granted…..

      1818 days ago
      It's the20121226-102238.jpg day before Christmas Eve and I had to take my baby back to Virginia. I was looking thru the newsfeed on Facebook and saw so many people complaining about their significant other. Don't take them for granted. What if you woke up tomorrow and your loved one was gone and you didn't know when you would see them again? Do you realize just how much it hurts having to say goodbye for the millionth time? Do you know what I would give to have him be able to spend more time with me? Its Christmas and all around I see people happy and appreciating each other. But I also see the other side. I see grumbling. I see people taking their anger out on innocent people. Don't take their silence for granted. You may need that persons help tomorrow and…
    • Scared, I admit it now.

      525 days ago
      ok. I can admit it now. I am scared. I am petrified. Up until I got the call for the hospital appointmen, I could pretend that it wasn't really happening. I could pretend that it was someone else that had this monster living inside of them, I have caught myself thinking "why couldn't this be breast cancer or ovarian or some other cancer" something where they could just go in and remove the offensive organ and be done with it. Why couldn't it be like that? No, I had to go and get it in my freaking bone marrow, which is thru my whole freaking body. So yes, I am petrified. I worry now that I will be dead before my kids get married and give me grandkids. I worry that I will never marry the man if my dreams. I worry every night that I won't wake in the…

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