Past Thoughts

Written By: aaf23

    • Waiting is the hardest part.

      Waiting is the hardest part.

      2220 days ago
      220130213-233742.jpg more years. OMG how can I wait two more whole years to be with my baby. I live for the visits when his job brings him thru this area. Whether he can stay the night or just an hour or two. It thrills me to no end. I want to be waiting at home for him when he comes home for the night. I want to do that. He makes me smile. I saw on the tv today that "the sexiest thing is a man actually listens" I have to agree. He not only listens to me. He actually remembers things I tell him. It could be something as mundane as what kind of car I call my dream car.
    • Christmas?


      2145 days ago
      Is it 20120903-203108.jpgtoo early to start thinking about Christmas? Last year I was in a teeny weeny little apartment and had to buy a smaller Christmas tree, because the tree I have is wayyyyyy to big for that apartment. But this year, I'm in a much bigger apartment, so I can put up my daddy's tree. Its about 7 foot tall and very wide. I cry every time I put it up, because I can remember daddy putting it up. And this year it's even more special. Last year, I was nervous about getting gifts for Jeff's family, because I didn't really know them. But this year, I kinda know their likes and such. They are great kids. Even better, they like my kids. Our daughters get along great and davey has been talking about wishing James would come visit. I can't wait…
    • 2012


      2026 days ago
      It's the last20130101-164053.jpg day of 2012 and I'm looking back on to what I have accomplished.
      1. I have developed a better relationship with my children. My daughter and I are no longer at each others throats.
      2. I finally pruned the family tree. Cutting off the branch of she who must not be named. I have completely wiped her off. I no longer think of her in anger. Only pity.
      3. I made the final trip down the road to happiness. Achieved a divorce.
      4. My relationship with Jeff has grown stronger. It wasn't easy, there have been many potholes, but we came thru everything stronger.
      5. I found out who my true friends are. Who is there when I needed them. Who is only there when they need me.
      6. I had gall bladder surgery in August.
      7. I was promoted to shift leader at work.
      8. I got a tattoo.
    • Dear brother

      Dear brother

      1789 days ago
      I wonder20130826-215156.jpg what would have been, if you haven't have died. If my heart hadnt broke and our family hadnt cried Would you have married? Would babies have been born? Would our family not ended up torn? At 56 what would you be? If only what might have happened, I could see. Turn back the clock, and hold you tight, Find a way to not say good night. Not let you go, make you stay. Throw a fit to make you stay. I wouldnt let you get Away. I would fight. I would say. Stay dear brother. Don't close that door.I need you here forever more. Wait, Wait. Stop. Don't go! Stay here, don't you know? How much we need you here? How much I need you here? The family will change, and not for the good. We won't be close, like a family should. Come back dear brother. You need to…
    • A journey taken alone, is scary. A journey taken with friends, is strengthening.

      A journey taken alone, is scary. A journey taken with friends, is strengthening.

      1904 days ago
      In the20130504-223312.jpg last few years, I have noticed that so many of my friends who are around my age, seem to be getting divorced. A bunch of us on Facebook, just kinda banded together to give support to each other, and make sure no one felt alone in their journey. And many of them had been married for many years. They were very wary of taking the step and leaving their former spouse. I myself was scared to death. But I had a few close friends who were farther along in the journey and gave me the strength. I also was lucky to have the love and support of my little sister and her husband, who were willing to do whatever it took for me to be happy. I can never ever repay them for their kindness and willingness to help me. I…

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