Past Thoughts

Written By: aaf23

    • Ghosts

      390 days ago
      Do you believe in ghosts? I am visited often by my brother chucky. He is known for pulling  things on my head when I’m in the closet. His favorite thing is to disconnect the phone when I’m talking to my other mom. But tonight was weird. I have this little mobile type Knick knack that will move when there is a tea light candle lit under it. Tonight I didn’t have anything lit or near it and it started moving. I didn’t notice at first, but the light reflected off of it. The moment I looked at it, it slowed down and stopped and never moved again. 
    • Scared, I admit it now.

      858 days ago
      ok. I can admit it now. I am scared. I am petrified. Up until I got the call for the hospital appointmen, I could pretend that it wasn't really happening. I could pretend that it was someone else that had this monster living inside of them, I have caught myself thinking "why couldn't this be breast cancer or ovarian or some other cancer" something where they could just go in and remove the offensive organ and be done with it. Why couldn't it be like that? No, I had to go and get it in my freaking bone marrow, which is thru my whole freaking body. So yes, I am petrified. I worry now that I will be dead before my kids get married and give me grandkids. I worry that I will never marry the man if my dreams. I worry every night that I won't wake in the…
    • Annoyances


      2285 days ago
      Things are really20120902-231515.jpg annoying me today. I think I need some sleep.
      1. Girls wearingtank tops with their bra straps showing. I mean strapless bras cost the same as those with straps so use them.
      2. People that won't shut up no matter how you ignore what they say. Why can't they take the hint?
    • Back in the saddle again!

      Back in the saddle again!

      1928 days ago
      As I near the end of pee wee football I am so very proud of these girls Ad their parents. They were so patient with me. i couldn't have asked for a better group. I haven't coached in three years and this gave me back the urge to get involved again. Maybe I can find a basketball league that might want me to take a team. I love being involved. I like staying active. WTH Cheerleading ending I want to find something to stay busy, several of my girls I have coached in the past, are now playing for middle and high school teams. I want to get back involved. 20130803-135054.jpg TO MY PACKER GIRLS: Kierstan, Kaylee, Kaylie, Kelsey, Karley, Harley, Karley, Paisley, Deara, Zara, Sarah, Reigan, Sydney, Alana, Nataya, Aubrielle, Rylei and Audrina. I love you girls.
    • Vindicated!


      2088 days ago
      For a couple years20130224-223159.jpg now, I have told people I had a stalker. Although they never said anything, I know they doubted me. I knew my stalker was somehow seeing my Facebook and reading my blog. Well, day before yesterday, my stalker showed herself by posting on my blog. She proved to everyone that she is the one stalking me and Jeff. Not the other way around. I have had her blocked frm my face book for almost 2 years. But she was still on Jeff's and Meghan's, but she has blocked both of them. I guess to keep me from seeing her profile. Not like I went to hers anyway. So now should she reply to any of my posts, I won't see any of them. Neither will Meghan and Jeff. But I am vindicated. I have shown that I was right…

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