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Written By: Kitten - Sep• 22•13

Some people wonder why this community is willing to fight to the end, to keep what schools we have, open. This zone has made more sacrifices than the other 3 zones combined. 8 schools in the last 10 years.20130923-003240.jpg

The people of this community are a family. We welcome outsiders who are willing to help this community grow. I personally know of 2 separate children who have transferred to north from city schools. They both remarked at how welcoming and friendly the kids at north are, compared to the ones they came in contact with at the other school.

We become a family. When one person is hurting, we all hurt. When one person suffers a tragedy, we all suffer. There are more than a few kids at north that call me mom. And there are more than a few parents that my son calls mom. A family. A family is built on common ground. A common goal. A common love. Blood can make you related. But love makes you a family. And that’s what the people of Bloomingdale have. A love for our kids, a love for our school, and a love for our community. The teachers of north high, middle and Ketron elementary love the kids.

Just the other day one of my sons teachers called me. Not to complain or report something my son did. But to brag on him and let me know how good he was doing in this class.

I have watched most of the class of 2014 grow. There are some that my son has been friends with since he was 2. There are boys that he has played football with since he was 6. There are coaches that have known him since he was 6 as well. I’ve been a part of these kids lives and have enjoyed watching them grow. I don’t believe that if this was a larger school, that is would even know half the kids or teachers that attend there. (1377)

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