SBXRestaurant rant #3

Written By: Kitten - Oct• 09•13

Ok, here are some20131013-031227.jpg things I just have to vent about working with the public.

  1. People seem to think that fast food workers are beneath them. And that the work we do is not hard. They think every person working fast food is uneducated, fat and lazy. They think it’s just kids working cause they can’t get any other jobs. Most of my coworkers have their high school diploma and are pursuing degrees in college.
  2. People leave their crap on the table and don’t throw their trash away. Hello,you have to walk right by the trash can
  3. They let their child make huge messes and don’t even try to clean up after them. I’m not talking about little crumbs. I’m talking about huge chunks of food and allowing them to tear up napkins and throw them.
  4. They let their children climb all over booths and tables. Feet do not belong on tables or in seats.
  5. Rude and disrespectful people. They throw their money on the counter instead of putting it In our hands. They are very demeaning in their words and actions.
  6. People throw trash into the parking lot, instead of using one of the many trash cans around the lot.
  7. People who blow smoke in your face when you open the drive thru window. I don’t need cancer, thank you very much
  8. We are not freaking mind readers. If you want your sandwhich, order it that way. Don’t think we know how you want it. If you want a combo, tell us! Don’t get pissed at is of serving the order up exactly as you order it.


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  1. Isabelle says:

    Haahaahh. I’m not too bright today. Great post!

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