SBXSchool rezoning and consolidation meeting

Written By: Kitten - Mar• 04•13

Tonight I went to20130305-102740.jpg a meeting of the sullivan north school board. Last week, we learned that once again, our school was on the chopping block. Just like it is every year. Nothing was voted on tonight. Here are the next meetings that all parents need to attend. Please note that bloomingdale member Todd Broughton was the only member of the board to speak up. And twice made Yennie speechless

Issues that parents, students and teachers brought up.
  • Transportation. Students being bussed from one side of town to the other. The extra cost for busses and gas has not been addressed. Children and parents having to either drive John B Dennis past the Eastman during rush hour or down Eastman rd and ft Henry thru colonial heights during rush hour. That also has not been discussed. Early dismissal due to bad weather has not been brought into consideration. This past winter storm, two separate city buses became stuck due to the weather on the very roads they are asking our parents to travel. John b Dennis became a complete disaster during both storms.
  • Why the speed and hurry? Why the rush to decide now? The consensus is, that the options need to be researched better. Rushing will not allow anyone to make the best decision.
  • Sports, clubs and bands. Both high schools have their own sports teams. If you combine those schools, there will be students left on the side lines that should be able to play. And since they are not able to play, they won’t be spotted by college recruiters, and thus losing out on scholarships. Clubs already have leadership positions that students would lose by transferring to another school, losing out on those scholarships. Bands have drum majors and captains. They will lose those positions and lose out on music scholarships.
  • ROTC. Sullivan north has a naval ROTC program. Sullivan south has a Air Force ROTC program. One group will no longer exist, because you can’t have two units at the same school.
  • Stability. The north zone has been constantly attacked every year. No zone has been attacked like e north zone has. Orebank Elementary, Akard Elementary, the current city schools of Kennedy and Lincoln used to be county schools, Lynn view high/middle, Gravely elementary, cedar grove elementary, Kingsley elementary , Brookside elementary, and ketron high/middle which is now ketron elementary. Sullivan north was 9-12, then 8-12 and now is two schools north middle6-8 and high 9-12. East, central and south has not been attacked like this. Children don’t know from one year to the next where they are going to school next.
  • Communities. Having a school in the coimmunity is vital to the life of the community. People move into areas because that’s where they want their child to go to school.
  • repairs should have been done on schools instead of spending money on things that were not needed. Such as a non-regulation football field at ketron elementary. After all, what does an elementary school need with a football field? The 2nd gym at ketron is also not regulation sized. So therefore it is useless for school Games. But again this is an Elementary school, so why the need for 2 gyms?
  • No one on the north zone was notified about north being in the table. The email and phone call sent out said south and central.
  • Several speakers had to request that Yennie give them the courtesy of eye contact when speaking. For the entire meeting, Yennie was writing on a note pad and refused to answer any questions. What was he writing? Hopefully notes on the speakers issues, but he could have been doodling or doing word search for all we know.
  • When discussing the elementary schools in the central zone, central heights was never mentioned. Why? There were many representatives of that school there.
  • When discussing the low percentage of north enrollment, did they take the number of high students and take into account, that north is now cut in half, and therefore the amount the school can hold is now cut in half?
  • Ketron elementary is above 100% enrollment capacity and north middle is at 97%. Where do you think those students will be going? That will be raising the amount of students at north.
  • how will the special needs students needs be handled?
  • Does the board realize that by the constant instability, they are forcing parents to take their kids to the city, Hawkins county, Washington county and virginia schools?
  • Buses. Some parents don’t have the luxury or driving their kids to school. Currently, my son catches the bus at 630. I don’t want him catching the bus at 600 or earlier, due to being bussed all the way to south.

All in all, Yennie and most of the board members except for Todd Broughton, had scowls on their faces, rolled their eyes and didn’t give the speaker their undivided attention. Todd Broughton gave each speaker his undivided attention. And even clapped. Also, a speaker stated that he went online and found the contact information for the county commissioners, but was unable to find the contact information for the school board. I have to say that should I have a need, I know how to contact Todd Broughton. I will be at the next meeting. Will you?


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